Wednesday, 15 June 2011

9th June

I can't remember what happened today because I havn't done my blog in a week but it involved the gym and probably not a lot else...

ohh dearr...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

8th June

First day of proper timetable, most of the classes are good but I got told off by the psycho art teacher who hates me already. Oh dear.

Me and this girl Kate are totally bums. She even invited me to her party...I'm becoming a popular! Oh dear, I'm shit scared of two of them, a bitch called Catherine and this other girl I barely speak to. But another friend Alice is going so it should be all good.

I also have no idea what to buy Kate.

I had an obese day today. RED day (1200+ calories) but I went to the gym anyway, I plan to start working out for longer too unless I have studying or homework.

7th June

Today was even worse for boringness, I kept almost falling asleep. The best part was this exercise for communication and you had to talk at someone for 5 minutes or be talked at. Unfortunately I ripped a hole in my tights just as this chavvy boy I slightly fancy who I think slightly fancies came over and became my partner. Even more unfortunately I had hairy legs and he saw them through my holey tights.

Oh dear.

I also did the worst fake tan job ever on my arms. I left HUGE white patches.

I had quite a fat day and missed Brinley like loads, which was probably the cause of my fat day. I should stop relating food with emotions.

6th June

Today was a shite and boring-as-hell day of nothing but PRESENTATIONS on how we are going to fail unless we work our butts off in 5th year.

I saw Brinley afterwords and that was lovely we're totally no tensionned now. His hair looks so funny  non stuck up, but that boy is TIDY.

We went to the gym and I wasn't hungry mostly (probably because of the revolting fat days the days before) and ate 668 calories, which means GOLD day (-700 calories)

5th June

Today was pretty pants. After about 3 hours sleep I was grumpy so much untill I had a shower- the perfect cure.

We tidyed up for ages and went to the park and lay in the sun for a bit but there was still some tension between me and Brinley.

He stayed till like 9 and mum took him home, nothing else much happened that day apart from walking across town to Matalan and hearing a random banjo being played out the train conducter person's window.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

4th June

I went out with Shannon during the day and spent loads of money on food. We met up with a huge group of people and I got a free subway from someone.

Later me and Brinley came back and for a treat for him I stripped naked apart from my high socks and a shirt. And we had VERY good and rough sex which was amazing because we were allowed to make noise.

We didn't do much till everyone else came round and then we started eating food and watching horrors, which was all good untill Freddi jokingly made a move on me and Brinley shoved him too hard and I went in a grump so he wandered off on his own which was worrying. We sorted it out and resolved it by agreeing that we'd come and talk to each other and I wouldn't ignore him if I was grumpy. I saw tears and that was very very bad I didn't realise how much I'd hurted him.

We came back and the rest of the night wasn't great because we didn't sleep together for the whole night untill the morning and he played pranks on people which I didn't want to happen.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

3rd June

Brinley slept round. It was too hot to cuddle though which sucked. We were both pretty grumpy at each other throughout the day. We went to the park and flopped for a bit, and then met up with friends and I spent the lat of my EMAS bought £10 worth of 4 pants, a cami and thigh high socks from Matalan.

I felt fat because Brinley wouldn't carry me. I mean, I shouldn't assume he'd carry me but it's just nice sometimes to feel femenin and thin.

I grumped at him some more but we both agreed it would be better tomorrow because we'll have slept and everything. Monster movie night tomorrow, woop woop!

I found out Brinley apparently has a savings account of £40,000 for when he's older. I asked mum if that was normal and she said no. I got angry because sometimes he say's he doesn't get a lot of money and shit so I lend him and dont ask for it back.

If I didn't have EMAS I'd be screwed. Ugh. Grumpage.

2nd June

Brinley was at school all day but the rest of us went to the beach.

I felt guilty after the monster pigout yesterday but I was still wore my bikini. It was such a lovely day.

Afterwords I showered and went to meet Jess and everyone else at a restraunt for her tea. I had 1 pizza slice, 2 chicken skewers and a pudding and I was SO FULL.

My tea+ Jess' chip-in  cost about £19.

I missed Brinley so much that I took a bus to lossie (I got ogled a lot and a creepy old man started talking to me but I ignored him).

Brinley was very happy and we did some urgent snogging. We got home and had some VERY good sex till I think  mum woke up and we stopped so we just went to sleep.

1st June

Today was my graph comm exam and I barely concentrated at all. I don't care though I don't mind if I do fail. Afterwords we went to the gym but i CBA so so much. We came home and went to Leah's and I ate like a monster fatman. I ate half a jar of peanut butter.