Tuesday, 7 June 2011

4th June

I went out with Shannon during the day and spent loads of money on food. We met up with a huge group of people and I got a free subway from someone.

Later me and Brinley came back and for a treat for him I stripped naked apart from my high socks and a shirt. And we had VERY good and rough sex which was amazing because we were allowed to make noise.

We didn't do much till everyone else came round and then we started eating food and watching horrors, which was all good untill Freddi jokingly made a move on me and Brinley shoved him too hard and I went in a grump so he wandered off on his own which was worrying. We sorted it out and resolved it by agreeing that we'd come and talk to each other and I wouldn't ignore him if I was grumpy. I saw tears and that was very very bad I didn't realise how much I'd hurted him.

We came back and the rest of the night wasn't great because we didn't sleep together for the whole night untill the morning and he played pranks on people which I didn't want to happen.

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