Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 122/367

We boned.

After 1 month and 4 days.

He got scared that mum or someone would walk in and got soft. I felt so sorry for him!

Today's brought us closer though. He said he was into corsets and I was like WTF I LOVE CORSETS AND ALL THAT SHIT. Our next sexy time is going to be SUPER. I need to wax. I'm like a forest out of control. I got handcuffed today. It'd be better if I was hair-free and more comfortable though.

I hate my sister so much. I think she heard some of our 'revision' today. Great fun. I dont care though. I've stopped caring what she thinks. She showed Brinley her tattoo on her side today when there was an equally good tattoo on her innocent wrist. She said my hoodie was tight fitting on him too, e.g, he was fat. Which he's not. Even though his 12 stone squashes me if he's lying on top of me but MY stomachs flabbier than his when I pinch the skin together.

Hate her so much UGH.

I might go to a party woop woop tomorrow with Brinley. Planning on boobs OOT and heels. Gotta make that boy PROTECTIVE!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Day 121/367

I got grumpy at Brinley again at the youth cafe. He kind of neglected me again but not as much as the first time. I think I was just suffering exam stress which is making me over sensative. This girl Alice was getting in about him aswell. They did a crotchal hug. (Normally when friends hug only the upper body makes contact. If it's a romantic hug crotches and legs touch.) Alice looked round to see if I was watching too. Great fun.

I came home and we talked on msn and I told him that I felt rejected and stuff. We sorted that out and I said to him I dont want to get hurt by him because I was still hurting (in some perverse sense, I dislike the Ex so much now) from my previous relationship and he said he was feeling exactly the same.

So it's all good now.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 120/367

My art composition went so much better than I thought it would. At first it was a shit blue mess of paper but it turned out pretty mental.

I miss Brinley. Like loads. I feel pretty depresso right  now but I feel like yesterday's feeling of being OUT OF IT on drugs has made me feel like myself again instead of being in a dream. I don't know why that happens. It's really annoying.

Sunny's leg had to get drained of pus stuff. I hope she'll be ok. She got a baby icecream today which was so cute.

UGH MY SISTER is SO ANNOYING. She always has to make herself feel better by putting other people down. And she insists on comparing her boyfriend to Brinley. She was like 'oh how much does he weigh?' and I was like 'like 12 stone or something,' and she goes on about how her boyfriend would win in a fight etc,etc,etc. Can't wait till she goes back to uni.

Day 119/367

I skived school and spent ALL DAY painting. Then I used Jacob's present so much I got rubbed raw and I pulled muscles in both my arms. Great fun. And I felt like I was on mushrooms or drugs because I was all spaced out and weird

Art exam tomorrow...Yay.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 118/367

1 month anniversary of me and Brinley today.

We almost boned again. Crazy, crazy shit! I've found one thing I don't like about him, how he goes on about how good he is in subjects. I feel like such a retard. Especially when he said he could've taken Higher Art because he was getting straight 1s but he never.


The day was beautiful apart from that. I'm truely madly deeply in lurveee!

Day 117/367

I was a total whale today. I ate SO MUCH. And I had this juicy green spot at the corner of my mouth.

Then Brinley unexpectedly came round. How embarrassinggggggggggggg!

I feel so bad for my grandad...he keeps forgetting what he's talking about and he said 'what the hell am I on about...' and I felt a prickle in my eye. His eyes have gone that blue colour too. Sad times

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 116/367

Me and Shannon had a rather boring day today.

Then I met up with Brinley and his friend William and Brinley was being a bit of an ass but then I accidently made him fall over and that made it ok. We went to my house and I ate food and then William stayed for ages to cockblock Brinley. He went away giving us like 15 minutes. I told Brinley how I didn't like him being an ass and that he neglected me at the Youth Cafe and now it's so much better.


He got me a toy bunny for easter and his parents got me an egg. :)


We had a crazy kissing session on my bed. It must've made a lot of noise but it was like how it would be like when we're gonna bone. I told him if he doesn't wank for a week he'll get a prize. Oh dearrrr. I shouldn't of said that because he thinks it's sex that the prize is. Ohh well. Maybe I'll be ready by then. :)

Day 115/367

Me and Jacob revised in the sun most of the day and then went inside and mum bought us a Macdonalds. Happy happy happy! We discussed Brinley's lack of commitment on the phone aswell as yesterday at the Youth Cafe.

I realised I was scared of him just using me for sexy stuff. I'll see him tomorrow and talk about it to him though.

The Ex was completely BITCH today. He's writing a blog about me.

And he asked me what another word for 'predictable' is and I said..

'You're such a bitch, you're writing a blog about me and you're asking me what another word for predictable is?'
He replied 'Why do you think I'm writing a blog about you?'

What a retarded question. Like his last million statuses of 'I'm writing a blog and it's about YOU!!!' never made me even consider he was writing a blog about me, who he said himself was the most important person in his life?
I wanted to reply something nasty about him being a dumbass and a fucking little poof etc etc, but I just replied:

'Because I'm a narcissist?'

Guess what he said back?

'Fair enough.'

Then a while later of me not replying, he sent a ':)'.

Fucking FUCKER. Little poof.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 114/367

I fell asleep in Maths today and started dreaming. Fun times.

Brinley neglected me all night at the youth cafe. I'm not being oversensative because Shannon noticed it too. He only came and talked to me about 3 times unless I went over and talked to him. Unhappy about that. But I do feel guilty because his douche of a mum is being horrible to him at the moment.

My brown contacts came today and apparently they look creepy. They look natural in some darker photos though so it's ok. Happy days happy days! Exam stresssss!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 113/367

I started to have a good day today, my hair was good and I was having a semi-skinny day.

My packages arrived, my industrials and my basshunter CD woop woop!

Brinley came round and I'm like, crazy in love with him. We only did some stuff. I swallowed again but we were both talking about how relationships arn't just about sex and shiz like that.

C'est la vie! (apart from the fact that my preplanned revision went to pot today.)

Day 112/367

I was so tired today I kept falling asleep loads, especially in French. I was having a mongled day too I felt ugly.

The evening after maths tutor was good though. Jacob came round and we cooked fajittas and attempted to do some Drama revision but we ended up just talking about all the erotic things we'd done. Brinley came round and it was good because we never done any stuff stuff. Life be good.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 111/367

First day back at school. Shannon was talking to the boy-that-I-thought-was-a-mong and he said he wished Brinley wasn't going out with me so that he could. I asked her if she thought he was joking but he apparently said that in all seriousness.


I need to revise my arse off for these exams. I meant to do Biology today but ended up spending about £40 on online stuff including brown contact lenses, Basshunter CD and 3 new industrial bars for my ear. That's where all those taxpayer's money goes. £120 a month for people like me to spend on crap.

Dad's apprently gonna give me big BIG money if I get credits.

Fingers crossed for 2 weeks from now. GULP!

Day 110/367

I spent all day at Brinley's house today. I liked my outfit, I ran out of clothes so I tucked my large PJ top into my high waisters and shoved my hair in a messy bun.

I saw his room for the first time. I don't like it, it's full of....stuff...that's like, old and not used which I find very strange. We went to a river and I went in but he didn't. His mum made us DINNER I was like holy shit. A jacket potato and tuna and like, salad and coleslaw and potato salad on the side it was pretty immense. I gave him another BJ aswell. I also swallowed. It was well saltier than the Ex's. The Ex only eats shit though so that's probably why. That stuff is lethal.

That's good though. I can stop Brinley's sexual advances by asking him to take a wank instead. I'm planning, possibly, just maybe to do the black shag band on our 1 month anniversary, 25th April. (It's a monday though....gotta see if mum's gonna be out or not though.)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day 106/367

Me and Shannon went to Primark. I spent about £60-£70 (£40 of it in Primark). I also got 2 new sexy bras and 4 thongs. Woowoo! Brinley'll be happy.

It was a good day. I really LOVE Shannon <3

Afterwords we went to the Youth Cafe. The boy Shannon fancies has balls like watermelons according to Brinley. I was grumpy at him because he kept being an ass around his friends. Meh

Day 109/367

I actually revised. For about an hour. Then I gave up.

Brinley kept mollestering me and then I teased him because he said he wouldn't mollest me so I took my top and bra off and went up to him massaging my boobs.

I wore a belt round my waist for the whole of last night and most of today and my waist went down to 24/25 inches instead of 26 and I wore my supertight muse tshirt when I went to see Scream 4 with Brinley and his friends. I think I looked hot. Both of his friends hugged my when I was saying bye too. Hoped I felt skinny/booby.

Oh god, I feel really bad about Dad. I saw him for the first time in about 2 weeks today and I won't be seeing him tomorrow because I'm going to Brinley's instead of seeing my granny and grandad AND I missed last Sunday with them too. I told Dad it was because I was revising.

I shouldn't feel too bad about that today. He's so socially retarded. He burps really loudly in public and talks about people when they're within earshot. Ugh.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 107/367

Me and Brinley were very close to sex today. The only thing stopping it was my hand covering. Crazy shit. I wore my sexy red thong and felt sexy in it. He made me orgasm 2 times from fingering.

I had a dream I cheated on Brinley with the Ex. I felt disgusted at myself all day. I really don't  like the Ex.

I feel really weird right now. I feel ugly. Brinley's friends apprently said 'paperbag' when he first went out with me. That makes me want to get a hot body even more to have at least one good thing about. Feel like such an emo right now. Weird feeling of wanting to be emo and cut. WTF? I don't even do that.

I don't usually care what people say about me. I mean, someone said I looked like a rat on formspring and I wasn't even bothered.

I don't know why that got to me so much. Probably because I thought I liked Brinley's friends. He said they took it back when they saw me and said I was hot and had good boobs.
Maybe I'm just having a mood swing.

I still havn't done any revision. It's Brinley's fault because if I hadn't gone out with him then I'd've been revising all holiday.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 105/367

I wore a belt last night to make my waist feel smaller and to remind me not to eat as much shit.

Today was pretty lame, although I FINALLY started to reshuffle my room which was good. I just have to tidy the crap out of it now.

I dropped my laptop again. I hope it's a fighter.

Tomorrow me and Shannon are going to the nearest town with a Primark to buy new wardrobes. I asked Brinley what his favourite type of pants were and he said thongs. FML.

I don't really have anything against thongs apart from I think that only hot, tanned and beautiful women can pull them off properly. Well if it floats Brinley's boat then it's all good.

Day 104/367

I felt like such a mong today. I felt a little bit angry at Brinley for yesterday when he kept trying to make me do stuff when I was so obviously not in the mood. But we met up with him and some other friends later and first I was a little bit cold with him to see if he'd still hug and kiss me and be nice even if we wernt just in private which he did.

And he smelt good.

What made my day even better was apparently this guy checked me out and Brinley's friends told Brinley and then he went protective of me. And one of his bandmates William likes me which is good.

I do love Brinley. Lovelove.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 103/367

Today I was at the beach all day with me, Brinley, Ben and his girlfriend.

Chuft at the photos, some of them I look relatively skinny in my Pineapple Dance Studios crop-top (regretted that 800 calorie cheesecake pigout at the sleepover and multiple sweeties though.) We got home and I was crazy-crazy-crazy tired and Brinley kept feeling me up and didn't seem to get that I was hurna tired.

He also said I was boring because I wasn't doing anything which was a little bit worrying.

Don't want to get USED.

Brinley met my bezzer Jacob and they got on good which was super. Tomorrow we might be going to the beach AGAIN! woowoowoo!

Day 102/367

I gave Brinley a BJ when he was on the phone to his mum.

Me and Shannon had a BBQ at her house and it was good and we pissed ourselves at ourselves in photos and then went home and did MJ and K$sha makeovers.

We bitched till 7am about people and slept for about 4 hours.

Happy days!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 101/367

Not a lot happened today.

I hair-remove-creamed my sexy forests.

I'm not ready for sex with Brinley. Technically I'd be a paedophile which is a bit strange, and even stranger I feel like I'm taking away his virginity? The first (and only) time he ever boned he got caught so, to me, it feels like that doesn't count and he's still a virgin.

It has to be special.

And VERY good. Memorable.

Day 100/367

The 100th day.

I need to enrich this blog with more stuff that happens, but normally I write it just when I'm about to go to bed.

So approximately half a year of no action I give a BJ and get poked 2 times all in one day.

I'm in love.(I said I love you for the first time too today) Brinley is SO much more masculine and overally more HOT than the Ex ever was. And he's got a bigger shlong. And he said I was good at BJs. (his last girlfriend's braces got caught on him apparently. That doesn't really say if I am good at BJs or not but oh well.)

I look like a victim of domestic abuse because I have 5 raging hickeys on my boobs.

I broke the black shag band.

Black = Sex.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 99/367

I went to the gym this morning with Brinley and failed so much at doing planks. We saw the Polish boy who spanked me about a year ago and said my boobs and hair were fake.

Me and Brinley came back to my house and did some more steamyness, although I felt like a mong because I hadn't dehaired my snailtrail on my belly and had 2 huge spots on my face and my underarms were hairy and I kept worrying about my saggy-ass boobs.

Tomorrow will be better. We're gonna be home alone all day.

Day 98/367

Nothing really happened today apart from I got to see Brinley for about 5 minutes after his rugby and I redyed my hair to black and wore my extensions and felt purdie.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 97/367

Today started off so shit but it ended good. I woke up and everything was a mess and I didn't have anything to wear and I  had ingrown hairs everywhere.

Brinley came round and it was so steamy it was unreal. I think I'm in love. I got 5 completely nasty hickeys on my neck and I finally let him onto the next level of fondling. We bonded over Mighty Boosh (the moon in particular) and had discussions about going to phsychiatrists (he used to be anorexic. I was SO chuft that he eat half a can of tuna with me.)

I hope I see him tomorrowwwww (and I need to start revising! ARGH!)

Day 96/367

I wanted to sleep all day today but Brinley was in my town again with some of his friends so I went and seen him. Right before he had to leave I told him it sucks to be you because I was home alone all day and I had 2 shag bands to live up to.

Shannon was complaining to me today that she can't talk to hot boys because she fancies this boy Dan who's in Brinley's band (he has a huge mole on his face though) I said pretend they looked like Sam (remember him?) and she said 'I dont want to imagine Dan with a freckly penis. I said she wouldn't, she'd imagine him with a moley penis instead. I pished myself for about 10 minutes AND on the way to Jacobs an hour later walking on my own. Oh dear.

Day 95/367

I broke the green and blue shag band.

Brinley saw my naked boobs. He said I was a pornstar. It was a bit of a beamer, we were just standing facing my window (he was behind me) and from outside there's a monument people can see into my bedroom from. Oops.

There was a lot of steamy fondling going on that day. Against a wall. I asked him to pick me up and he did. Against a wall. And we did some uber kissing. Against that wall.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 94/367

I learned today that Brinley had sex on a exercise ball with someone. Oh dear.

Me and Shannon went to Macdonalds and got peeped at 9 times and a guy made a kissing face at us. Guys whistled at us and we whistled back and they started following us and also we thought a car stopped to get us and we shat ourselves but it was just turning.

Can't wait for Brinley tomorrow. Bj all tha wayy!

Day 93/367

Today was super. We went to the Youth Cafe and Brinley was there. We kissed like LOADS and we went outside and I said I had a stiff nip and he felt my boob and said yes you do and got a boner. I think he's got a big shlong.

Oh god. I totally said something I shouldn'tve. We were arguing over which shag band I should snap (there was options of Blue- BJ and Black-sex) and STUPIDLY I said 'I'm happy with anything'.

Oh dear.

I'm not realy for shegs with him. After 1 week? No way. Maybe a BJ at most. See what happens on Saturday when I go round to his house....dundundun!