Saturday, 4 June 2011

3rd June

Brinley slept round. It was too hot to cuddle though which sucked. We were both pretty grumpy at each other throughout the day. We went to the park and flopped for a bit, and then met up with friends and I spent the lat of my EMAS bought £10 worth of 4 pants, a cami and thigh high socks from Matalan.

I felt fat because Brinley wouldn't carry me. I mean, I shouldn't assume he'd carry me but it's just nice sometimes to feel femenin and thin.

I grumped at him some more but we both agreed it would be better tomorrow because we'll have slept and everything. Monster movie night tomorrow, woop woop!

I found out Brinley apparently has a savings account of £40,000 for when he's older. I asked mum if that was normal and she said no. I got angry because sometimes he say's he doesn't get a lot of money and shit so I lend him and dont ask for it back.

If I didn't have EMAS I'd be screwed. Ugh. Grumpage.

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